Due to the enormous quantity of pages related to Lost Links by way of bibliography on the internet (showing the widespread interest in the subject), we have used a tool created by the group Bestiario called 6pli. This tool uses del.icio.us (a web-based social markers management service) allowing to add the markers usually kept in the navigator, so that they are consultable through internet. Their cataloguing through key words (TAGS) facilitates the location process. At www.6pli.com/Mutant8 (our Lost Links open study site) you can see the wealth of entries related to the mythologies we are working with.

In this first phase, we are organising the site according to the following categories:

1. Lost Links: all entries related to the subject in general and which include all the other categories.

2. Mediums: professional and personal pages of people involved in the Lost Links project.

3. Hybridarium: descriptive entries on the different hybrids that can or already do form part of the Lost Links hybridarium.

4. Related: Pages related in some way to the study of Lost Links.

5. Cinema: Pages on movies related to the subject of Lost Links. This category includes: Angel, Devil, Mermaid, Werewolf, Medusa, Sphinx, Frankenstein’s Monster, Vampire, Cyborg, …

6. Science: all scientific or parascientific entries related to Lost Links.

7. Literature: All entries on literature related to Lost Links.

8. Music: All entries on music related to Lost Links.

Examples of presentation of data related to Lost Links using 6pli.